Next Steps

Attend The Newcomers Connection

If you are new to the church, or have been coming for a while, and would like to connect with a few of the pastors and leaders, this would be a great place to start! Please feel free to join us for this hour-long time of getting to know each other over lunch.

Fill out a Connection Card

Being a part of a church is about knowing each other! Help us get to know you by filling out a connection card so we can help you get connected.
Baptism is a purposeful moment in our faith journey by which we express publicly our intent to be a life-long follower of Jesus. Baptism does not save us, is not required for salvation and holds no mystic power in and of itself. That being said, it is a profoundly powerful moment in the life of a follower of Jesus and the community around him/her.

We believe, that learning to “ do life together” in community (outside our normal Sunday gatherings) is essential to our growth in becoming  authentic followers of Jesus.
 To this end, our Small groups, provide a practical way of absorbing the many  “one another” sayings found in scripture. Love one another, serve one another, pray for one another etc.
You can't outgive God.  He asks us to give to Him not because he needs our money but because he wants our hearts.   Take a step of obedience and start giving.  Our secure online giving system makes it fast and easy.