I Lost the Remote Control

By Michelle Desmond

Lately I have felt as if I have lost the remote control to my life. You know what it is like to lose the clicker to the TV, right? You tear apart the couch only to find old cereal and crumbs. You look under the couch to see if it slid under there only to find several dust bunnies multiplying. You ask everyone in the house if they have it. This is how my mind feels in this season.

I miss being able to hit the work button on my life’s remote control to bring up organized and capable me. I miss changing the channel to homemaker me to handle all the things I do at home efficiently. I really am a mess of one channel bleeding into the other with my emotions stuck on a Hallmark movie. Trying to make sense of all the trials in the world as well as unexpected trials at home has me feeling like my channel is Lifetime meets MMA!  

Maybe the above was a tad over dramatic, however I have been rather a mess lately. So much sudden change. Sudden cultural changes with the pandemic. Sudden social upheaval that has been touched off by tragedy. Sudden life change with a cancer diagnosis.

As I was thinking about all these things swirling around me when this song came on the radio by Big Daddy Weave. The chorus says, “but God, rich in mercy, You came to save me now I’m alive.” The “BUT GOD” kept repeating in my mind over and over. I thought maybe the Lord was trying to tell me something.

I looked up some verses and prayed for the Spirit to speak to me through them. Did you know there are at least 31 verses that have “but God”? Each one gave such encouragement. I love how the Lord speaks through His word. The verse that jumped out at me and I believe was just for me was Psalm 73:26.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.”

My flesh fails every time I think I have control over my circumstances. All I really do is drive myself crazy in trying. My heart fails when my eyes are on the wind and waves and not on Jesus.
I think I have found the remote control of my life. I will leave it in Jesus’ grasp.

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